Building Effective Candidate Relationships


Dec 22, 2023

As organizations delve into the ever-changing realm of candidate dynamics, grasping the intricacies of fostering meaningful connections becomes paramount. Join us for an insightful panel discussion that delves into the complexities of cultivating and revitalizing candidate relationships in the contemporary recruitment landscape.

Topics covered:

1- How do you think evolving technologies, like Al and data analytics, are shaping the dynamics of candidate relationships, and what ethical considerations should HR practitioners be aware of?

2- In what ways have you found traditional relationship-building techniques insufficient in today's diverse and globalized talent pool, and how have you adapted?

3- How do you balance the need for automating processes in HR with ensuring genuine human connection in candidate relationships?

4- Do you believe that a candidate's perception of their relationship with a company can significantly impact their job performance once hired? Yes or No?

5- Is the investment in building strong pre-hire candidate relationships always justified by the outcomes after hiring? Yes or No?