Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - Best Practices


Nov 10, 2023

As enterprises globally prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.), the dialogue around its implementation and impact continues to evolve. Join us in a compelling panel discussion delving into the best practices of D.E.I. in 2023. Engage with thought leaders as we navigate the successes, challenges, and future aspirations of fostering inclusive workplaces in the modern era.
Topics covered:

1- How do you distinguish between performative D.E.I initiatives and genuinely impactful practices in an organization?

2- How should organizations address the tension between hiring for cultural fit and ensuring diverse perspectives are genuinely embraced?

3- What strategies are most effective in promoting not just diversity, but also the crucial aspects of equity and inclusion in the workplace?

4- Is it feasible for an organization to achieve true equity without radical structural changes?

5- Do current metrics used to measure D.E.I success capture the depth and breadth of these initiatives' true impact?