The Impact of Remote Work on Recruitment Strategies


Dec 11, 2023

As businesses around the world underscore the significance of adapting recruitment strategies to remote work, the ongoing dialogue regarding effective implementation and impact measurement evolves. Join us for an insightful panel discussion that delves into the best practices for optimizing recruitment strategies in a remote work context in 2023.
Topics covered:

1- In what ways has the rise of remote work reshaped the priorities and values that candidates seek in a potential employer, and how can recruitment strategies adapt to meet these shifting expectations?

2- Given the potential global talent pool that remote work opens up, how can HR professionals ensure fairness and equity in recruitment, especially when considering different cost of living standards and cultural norms?

3- As companies increasingly adopt hybrid models of work, blending both remote and in-office settings, how do you see the evolution of talent acquisition techniques and what challenges do these new dynamics pose?

4- Do you believe that the quality of talent acquisition has improved with the wider adoption of remote work recruitment strategies?

5- Is the ROI (Return on Investment) on remote recruitment efforts, considering the expanded talent pool and potentially reduced relocation costs, generally higher than traditional in-person recruitment?